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Sweeter Days ahead



Fresh n' Tasty!

A caffeine boost, a refreshing pick me up, or as a treat. Dirty Soda is a hand crafted combination of soda, sugar free syrup, and creamer to create a delectable indulgence for your taste buds. We bring back the nostalgia of an old school soda shop with a modern day twist. Want it healthier? Consider going with a sugar free option for your soda base. 

It's Always Time For  

Ice cream


Sweets for gifting or indulging

Head over to the "Pop Shop" at the Fountain where you will find 48 feet of pick your own candy by the pound. 
Or, as you may remember it being called, "penny candy". 

We source nostalgic treats, new trends in candy, unique flavors, and have an array of nut free/dairy free/gluten free options. 


Freshly Baked




Balloons and Party Supplies

We have everything you need to make your party look good. From simple grab and go balloon arches that fit in the back of your SUV, helium balloons, backdrops, customized event set ups, number stackers & gifts! 

Rainbow Balloons


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